Swipe Left or Right? 5 Ways to Finding “The One”

Online Dating and Finding the Right Home Go Hand-in-Hand

As you’re going through the days and weeks, you can’t help but think that something is missing from your life. What could it be though? You have everything you thought you ever wanted. That is, until the day you come to the realization that it’s time to seek “the one.” So, you decide to give in and download one of those apps that pride itself on helping yearning hearts like yours find a match.

You swipe through profiles with perseverance to prevail. However, optimism quickly fades to discouragement and anxiety the more you realize you’re not connecting with anything. Then, one late night when you least expect it, something remarkable happens. The photos. The eye-catching headline and certain phrases speak to you. You’ve fallen head over heels for this one.

Now, it’s time to schedule a meeting and see if this is truly your dream house.

Wait a minute; did you think we were talking about online dating? Okay, we can see where the confusion is. There are a number of similarities between finding true love and discovering your dream home. It involves establishing standards, effort and some good timing. A ranch with no view is perhaps a deal breaker. A Cape Cod that’s beautiful on the outside may be full of baggage inside. But, a split-level with fenced-in pool and two-car garage may satisfy all of your “hopes and dreams.”

In the world of romance, love doesn’t come easily. The average adult woman will experience five relationships, four disaster dates and two heartbreaks before meeting “the one.” Men you wonder? Well, the average man will have six relationships and be stood up twice before finding their other half. Unfortunately, the first house you visit will most likely NOT have a fairy tale ending. In fact, homebuyers on average look at ten homes before making a purchase.

Remember though, your dream house is out there waiting and we’re here to give you some helpful advice. But please, go easy on the cologne.

Time Heals All
Perhaps you had the home of your dreams within arm’s-length, but watched it slip out as you were outbid. Or, maybe you had a really bad realtor. *Shameless Plug: You’ll never have to worry about that when working with #TeamKate. No matter your past experiences, go into every home search with a fresh approach and open mind.

Don’t Just Settle
Just because you haven’t found what you’re looking for doesn’t mean you should settle for the next house that pops up on the market. If inventory is low and you see a home that maybe could work, but not completely sold on, breathe, take a moment and consider all of your options before proceeding. It’s all about timing.

Stop Liking What You Can’t Have
Okay, it’s great to have expectations, but sometimes what we want isn’t exactly what we can get. The swimsuit model / heiress to a Fortune 500 company from The Bachelor probably won’t be knocking at your door any time soon. Sorry, not sorry. When it comes to home buying, the fancy 20-bedroom mansion with attached maid’s quarters is most likely out of your league. It’s important to check off your “needs” rather than “wants” and be practical about what makes the most financial sense for you.

Go with Your Gut
You’ve done the homework. You’ve visited countless houses and here you are ready to make an offer. Then, why are you second-guessing yourself? Acknowledge any red flags. This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. Trust your instinct if something feels off.

Have Fun!
Finding your dream house should be fun and exciting! Sure, things can get stressful and complex, but remember to pace yourself and enjoy the experience. You’ll appreciate the journey and hard work even more once you’re sitting inside your perfect home.