Swipe Left or Right? 5 Ways to Finding “The One”

Online Dating and Finding the Right Home Go Hand-in-Hand

As you’re going through the days and weeks, you can’t help but think that something is missing from your life. What could it be though? You have everything you thought you ever wanted. That is, until the day you come to the realization that it’s time to seek “the one.” So, you decide to give in and download one of those apps that pride itself on helping yearning hearts like yours find a match.

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Pack Your Bag and Experience the Ultimate Day Off!

Oesch…Oesch…Has anyone seen Kate?

According to Kate’s assistant, Lindsay, she’s pretty sick today. Hmm, that’s too bad, especially on such a nice spring day as today.

In reality, Kate has a case of spring fever and decided to take note from Ferris Bueller and enjoy all of the fun and amazing things the Mahoning Valley has to offer, and learn something new. Whether it’s spontaneous (cough cough) or scheduled, this is our guide to make the most of your day off by exploring these hidden gems.

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Get the Popcorn! 5 Romantic Movies You’ll Fall in Love with

Anticipation is building on Valentine’s Day as Annie Reed waits at the top of the Empire State Building to meet her true love, Sam Baldwin. She’s never met the guy, but after hearing him on a radio talk show, she knows he’s the one. Awe, cue the sappy music! Annie writes to Sam asking him to meet her in beautiful New York City at the city’s most romantic spot, atop the Empire State Building. There’s a moment in this final scene when Annie, played by Meg Ryan comes to the realization that Tom Hanks character isn’t showing. But, who emerges from the elevator? Sam of course, accompanied by his son, Jonah, who left his backpack. Security tells them it’s time to leave and the three of them live happily ever after…or so we assume. Read more

Achieve Your New Year Resolutions Under One Roof

Happy New Year! The confetti is cleaned up, the champagne toasts are now a distant memory and you’re back to the reality of digging yourself out of snow, and work emails. This time of year can feel more like an Olympic sprint as the promise to finally commit to a New Year resolution is quickly tossed to the wayside.

Speaking of which, did you make a goal to achieve in 2018? Of course, there are the usual suspects of getting in shape, saving more and experiencing a new hobby. Unfortunately, only 8% of people who make a resolution actually cross the finish line. However, that’s all about to change. This is the year you WILL follow through on your goals because you’re going to purchase a house! Read more

9 Ways to Make Santa’s Nice List! Yes Adults, We’re Talking to You…

Have you been naughty or nice this year? There’s really only one person who knows for certain, and he lives in the North Pole, rides a shiny red sleigh and leads a team of holly jolly elves.

But, if you want to know for certain if you’re on Santa’s good or bad list, consider the following questions:

Did you clean your dirty dishes rather than stack them in the sink for someone else?

Happen to return those missed phone calls from your parents?

Commit to plans without bailing last minute?

Changed the toilet paper roll without being asked?

If you answered YES to all of them, then congratulations, no coal for you! For you others, do not panic because we have nine (Yes, nine. Santa is a big fan of the number nine since he does have nine reindeer guiding his sleigh) merry ways to get you on Santa’s good side.

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‘Cause you don’t feel like cookin’ let these 5 area restaurants do it for you!

The holidays officially begin this week, and we’re all waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive with all the fixings—turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and more.

However, if the thought of serving up a Thanksgiving feast overwhelms you, you’re not alone. Preparing and cooking a Thanksgiving dinner takes hours, and it’ll cost you an average of $49.87 according to USA Today.

If you don’t feel like cooking this year or simply don’t want to deal with the cleanup involved, you’re in luck. This is a list of fabulous local restaurants around the Valley serving up scrumptious Thanksgiving dinners.

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