Pack Your Bag and Experience the Ultimate Day Off!

Oesch…Oesch…Has anyone seen Kate?

According to Kate’s assistant, Lindsay, she’s pretty sick today. Hmm, that’s too bad, especially on such a nice spring day as today.

In reality, Kate has a case of spring fever and decided to take note from Ferris Bueller and enjoy all of the fun and amazing things the Mahoning Valley has to offer, and learn something new. Whether it’s spontaneous (cough cough) or scheduled, this is our guide to make the most of your day off by exploring these hidden gems.

Okay, so we weren’t able to get a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. Still, you can have a blast cruising around in a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze LT RS. It’s sharp, speedy and it’s made right here in the valley. Let’s go!

Take in the Fresh Air

So, Mill Creek Park is a given, but we’re not going to the popular spots such as Fellows Riverside Gardens or Lanterman’s Mill. Nope. We’re kicking this day off with some exercise! Get out your hiking shoes and venture along the East Cohasset Trail. This 1.2-mile scenic trail features spectacular views of Lake Cohasset and the Suspension Bridge. Hey, you may even spot a deer! When you’re done, catch your breath and take in the sights and sounds at a hidden waterfall. Yes, there’s a double waterfall secluded under the Cascade Road bridge. Watch your step as you take the wooden boardwalk that leads you down to the first waterfall.

What’s the Password?

That hike sure worked up an appetite. Let’s go back in time to the Roaring Twenties. No, you don’t need a time machine. Rather, head 25 minutes north from Mill Creek Park to downtown Warren and experience the Speakeasy Lounge. You’re going to need a keen eye to find this place, but hey, we wouldn’t expect a speakeasy to be flashing in neon lights. Tucked away below the Best Western hotel in Courthouse Square, the Speakeasy Lounge is intimate and cozy with dim lighting and memorabilia from the 1920s. Order lunch or an early dinner from a menu featuring American cuisine prepped daily using local produce. No special knock or password required to access this speakeasy. Afterwards, grab a coffee and dessert from Nova Coffee Co and explore the shopping and scenery of the square!

Not Your Ordinary Museum

The best part about where we live is all the museums you can visit. Butler Institute of American Art, Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center, The War Vet Museum and the list goes on. But this isn’t an ordinary day. This is your day off! We make an appearance in Columbiana and find ourselves at the Log House Museum. Built in the 1820’s, the Log House Museum includes pioneer items such as quilts and coverlets, Civil War artifacts and a set of 10,000-year-old Mastodon bones that had been discovered on a nearby farm. How cool is that? And, the cost of admission is free.

There you have it! Now, beat the clock and race home, but please do not run through anyone’s home.