Get the Popcorn! 5 Romantic Movies You’ll Fall in Love with

Anticipation is building on Valentine’s Day as Annie Reed waits at the top of the Empire State Building to meet her true love, Sam Baldwin. She’s never met the guy, but after hearing him on a radio talk show, she knows he’s the one. Awe, cue the sappy music! Annie writes to Sam asking him to meet her in beautiful New York City at the city’s most romantic spot, atop the Empire State Building. There’s a moment in this final scene when Annie, played by Meg Ryan comes to the realization that Tom Hanks character isn’t showing. But, who emerges from the elevator? Sam of course, accompanied by his son, Jonah, who left his backpack. Security tells them it’s time to leave and the three of them live happily ever after…or so we assume.

And that is the story of Sleepless in Seattle. This movie features it all including comedy, romance sprinkled with suspense. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan flick?! Remember You Got Mail?

If you’re looking to keep things sweet and simple or just tired of swiping left, put on your fancy pair of sweatpants and make reservations for the couch as we snuggle up to these favorite romantic movies. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime truly know the key to our heart.


Meet Hitch Hitchens. He’s a professional date doctor and helps clients woo the women of their dreams. Wait, is that a thing? The charming powers of Hitch cannot be denied. Well, that is until he meets New York’s top gossip columnist who’s digging for dirt on a glamour model’s bizarre love life. Will this reporter have a change of heart and fall in love with Hitch? Will his business be exposed? Why do all romance movies take place in New York? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

The Notebook

Now this is love. You can thank Nicholas Sparks for this emotionally intense film adapted from the heart-wrenching novel that’s based on his wife’s grandparents’ 60-year relationship. Set in 1940’s South Carolina, it follows Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as Noah and Allie, a young couple that falls deeply in love during a passionate summer fling. However, Allie’s parents do not approve of Noah and they are forced to separate. However, their paths soon cross. Spoiler alert: have a box of tissues handy for the ending.

When Harry Met Sally

It’s the line heard around the world! Sally sure loves those sandwiches at Katz’s Deli. Seriously though, what is the deal with Meg Ryan and romance films set in the Big Apple? Anyway, When Harry Met Sally is a witty and wonderful romantic comedy that follows the emotional evolution of an enduring 12-year friendship between Harry Burns and Sally Albright as they share a car ride from Chicago to New York. Can a man and woman truly just be friends? 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Sorry, no scrambled eggs on this breakfast menu. This 1961 classic tells the story of a New York socialite who becomes interested in a young man who’s recently moved into her apartment building. But, her dark past threatens to get in the way.

An Affair to Remember

This is considered the most romantic film of all time. In fact, it inspired Sleepless in Seattle. An Affair to Remember tells the tale of two people who meet at the wrong time and fall madly in love. A series of misunderstandings keep them apart until against all odds, fate brings them together.