9 Ways to Make Santa’s Nice List! Yes Adults, We’re Talking to You…

Have you been naughty or nice this year? There’s really only one person who knows for certain, and he lives in the North Pole, rides a shiny red sleigh and leads a team of holly jolly elves.

But, if you want to know for certain if you’re on Santa’s good or bad list, consider the following questions:

Did you clean your dirty dishes rather than stack them in the sink for someone else?

Happen to return those missed phone calls from your parents?

Commit to plans without bailing last minute?

Changed the toilet paper roll without being asked?

If you answered YES to all of them, then congratulations, no coal for you! For you others, do not panic because we have nine (Yes, nine. Santa is a big fan of the number nine since he does have nine reindeer guiding his sleigh) merry ways to get you on Santa’s good side.

1) First and foremost, pick up the phone and call mom and dad

The holidays should be about spending time with family, and mom and dad will be just as excited to hear from you as you used to be on Christmas morning.

2) Volunteer at a local charity

There are many wonderful organizations across the Mahoning and Shenango valleys that are always lookingfor volunteers. Pick a charity that interests you and have fun!

3) Pay it forward

We imagine you’ve seen on your Facebook newsfeed random acts of kindness involving an individual paying for someone else’s coffee. Rather than reading about it next time, be that person who pays it forward and grabs the next coffee for the person behind you in line.

4) Lunch plans

The holidays can be the most joyous, yet a very depressing time for people. Have a friend who’s going through a tough breakup or experiencing personal setbacks? Call your friend up right now and make plans for a lunch date, or dinner, or even a weekend getaway! It may not fully resolve the issue, but will surely help.

5) Donate!

The Salvation Army and Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries are always looking for gently used clothes, toys, household items, books and so much more!

6) Dinner is on you

Invite your neighbors over for a nice home cooked meal with all the fixings! Even a delicious meal while sharing stories. You may even learn a thing or two about the people you live next door to.

7) Turn that frown upside down!

A smile can go a long way to not only boost your attitude, but also make someone else’s day even better.

8) Say thank you

Write a quick thank you note to the people who serve you every day from the mail carrier to trash collectors.

9) Unplug

After reading this on either the computer or phone, turn it off and spend quality time with the family. Be extra kind and tell them how much you love and care them.

Happy Holidays!